Choro na Esquina Concert

Choro na Esquina Concert

Bar do Serginho - Rua Dias de Barros 2A Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro

February 19th, 2024


The quartet ‘Choro da Esquina’ is formed by the portuguese Rui Alvim on clarinet, Fernando Leitzkie on piano, Luis Barcelos on mandolin and Pedro Aune on bass. The group unites a repertoire of classical and contemporary of choro to musical genres from other countries, such as Cuba, USA, Uruguay France, and others, in addition to their own compositions. The differential sound of its instrumental serves as the starting point of its conception and sonic identity. In addition to this, the diversity of musical experiences of its members provides interpretations and search for unique paths.


‘Choro da Esquina’ has been performing regularly since 2016, on Mondays at Bar do Serginho, an important cultural redoubt of the neighborhood of Sta Teresa and contributed significantly to the revitalization of the neighborhood.

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