Carmina Burana – Vortice Dance Company

Carmina Burana – Vortice Dance Company

Arte Institute suggests Carmina Burana by Vortice Dance Company

Arte Institute suggests Carmina Burana by Vortice Dance Company, on Cistermúsica’s Facebook page. 

Carmina Burana, by Carl Orff
Vortice Dance Company
August 19 | 11PM (GMT+)

Vortice Dance Company presents an exuberant and provocative approach to the  musical work of Carl Orff, in which it recreates the recent situation of confinement. The company spent several nights in the cloisters of the Monastery to conceive a unique work, which combines the intensity of dance and representation to video mapping.
An exciting journey that begins with the entrance of Fortuna in the  monument, where the characters are at the mercy of their luck. 

The world premiere of the play will be streamed on the Facebook page of the Cistermúsica Festival (

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