Cais das Colunas – April 26

Cais das Colunas – April 26

Arte Institute presented “Cais das Colunas” by Nuno Vasa at FIL.

Festival IN  >  April 26

“Atla” Performance by “Raízes”

Arte Institute, in partnership with Ocupart, presents “Atla”. Coming from a period of time growing up RAÍZES (roots) at Palácio das Artes do Porto, Janis Dellarte and Rezm Orah arrive to explore the creative possibilities of Cais das Colunas. They bring a new Globe composed by organic creations and spontaneous performances as an answer to this unknown quay.

Screening of the documentary: “Portugueses do SoHo – Uma história que mudou de geografia”

A documentary about the story of the first Portuguese immigrants in SoHo, New York.

Thanks to the Artists, Partners and Sponsors that made this event possible.