Sculptor Rogério Timóteo exhibits “Bodies” in New York

On October 19 this year, the acclaimed Portuguese sculptor Rogério Timóteo will inaugurate a solo exhibition at ABC Stone in Brooklyn. This will be the first time that this artist has exhibited in the United States. He is here at the invitation of this Gallery which has already welcomed such renowned names as Oriano Galloni and Stephen Shaheen.

This collection is made up of twenty-three bold striking pieces. They are marble and iron, and they are immense; each one stands about two metres high.  In these pieces, the expression of the body is paramount, and outstanding amongst them is a series of sensual Caryatides, which come to life and give the visitor a subtle, alluring wink.

“The Ring”, “Secrets of the Wind”, “Metamorphosis” and “Icarus” are just a few of the superb sculptures which seem to float in the air, in a state of permanent balance. They break through forbidden horizons and challenge thought and touch, sometimes daringly so. They gently invite those who look at them to see past the merely apparent opacity of the hard stone and glimpse the Light beyond.

In Rogério Timóteo’s hands, the marble is chiselled with flair and panache, precise technical rigour and the mastery of the great craftsman. Over weeks, months on end, the stone is transformed. It takes on a life of its own, it takes on wings and flies, further and further knowing no frontiers, universal as Art should be.

From Anços, in the foothills of Sintra, the capital of Romanticism, to the top of the world, out of massive blocks of pure white Alentejo marble, these bold sculptures were born. They proclaim hope, joy and humanity. The body bursts through, compelling us to accept it as an object to be studied, a source of inspiration and a vehicle for a catharsis of feelings which constantly strive for perfection and the equilibrium of their existence.

From Portugal to the New World, this sculptor’s arms extend, embracing new audiences for whom Art will always be singular, unique, eternal and without limits. Just as his sculptures are.

You can see this until the middle of November, at ABC Stone in New York.