BLOT Performance l FACTT 20/21

BLOT Performance l FACTT 20/21

The Arte Institute and RHI Initiative, in partnership with Cultivamos Cultura, have the pleasure to present FACTT 20/21 – Improbable Times. Trans-disciplinary & Trans-national Festival of Art & Science is having its 5th event between the 1st and the 4th of June all day long.

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June 1 – 4, 2021 

Our bodies have a unique microbial footprint, which comes to define us as biological identities and mental and social bodies. Our social choreography is often challenged by a lack of balance between the inner and outer worlds, which we continuously disturb. Following the events that have defined the recent history of our interaction with the environment and especially with the microorganisms with which we coexist, it is necessary to look at the body as a system that cannot exist outside the multitudes it contains. Contamination has become a term that inspires fear, although it is a natural process by which we change and transform resources.

BLOT proposes a series of performative situations that explore movement in relation to the bacteria in our body. The performance aims to rethink the body as an interconnected system, strong and fragile at the same time. The body is stripped of the social meanings determined by language and redefines itself through a continuous dialogue about coexistence. The two artists work with seemingly invisible connections, but without which the human body could not function.

FACTT 20/21: Trans-disciplinary & Trans-national Festival of Art & Science is exhibited online during 2021 with different events to be announced taking place throughout the year across continents. FACTT is a project spearheaded and promoted by the 
Arte Institute in conception partnership with Cultivamos Cultura and Ectopia (Portugal), and, for its 20-21version, in curatorial collaboration with InArts Lab@Ionian University – Department of Audio and Visual Arts (Greece), Artscisalon@The Fields Institute and Sensorium@York University (Canada), School of Visual Arts (USA), UNAM, Arte+Ciencia and Bioscénica (Mexico), and Central Academy of Fine Arts (China).