At a Distance

At a Distance

Not even the thunder storm and the rain could stop over 100 people from attending the opening of Summer Nights Series – Music. The performance by At a Distance at Union Square Park was a huge success. New Yorkers loved it!

At a Distance is a local band from Newark, NJ.  The influences and style of the trio ranges from darkwave, triphop, industrial, rock, and indie electro. 

Such influences range from The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Portishead, Tool, Depeche Mode, and many others.  The band was started in the summer of 2010 and since then has played at different venues in New York City, and New Jersey. 

Damaris Rivera has now joined the band as their lead singer/lyricist bringing with her a flair and style all of her own.  The band has an EP out on iTunes (and other online stores) titled Painting the Rust, featuring Kelly A. Pinho on vocals. 

They are currently working on all new material and plan on putting out another EP by late autumn.