Arte Canhota Project

Arte Canhota Project

Arte Institute suggests Arte Canhota Project.

The ARTE CANHOTA (LeftHanded Art) project was designed with the intent of creating a contemporary art gallery, destined to people with disabilities. In order to do this, the gallery will have an adequate space for proper circulationwithout obstacles, and programs that will allow artistic appreciation by people with various types of disabilitiesphysical or mental.

The project includes art activities in the gallery space which will be conducted through ART THERAPY and ART PSYCHOTHERAPY.

The ARTE CANHOTA Gallery habeen designed as an artistic space for all people interested in the Arts, regardless of the difficulties they face. Its aim is to be a space where artists will be encouraged to be creative while having in mind that their artwork should also be accessible to people with different needs.

Left-handers Daniela Martins and Rita Nunes da Ponte are the creators of this project and they are currently looking for a place to establish it. Support and partnerships are welcome!