‘ANUSIM and other works’ in Cape Verde

‘ANUSIM and other works’ in Cape Verde

The Arte Institute and the RHI Initiative have the pleasure to present the show ‘ANUSIM and other works’, on October 8, at Auditório Nacional Jorge Barbosa, in Cape Verde.

Auditório Nacional Jorge Barbosa
October 8, 2021 – 8.00 PM

The program ANUSIM and other works is primarily the result of an intercontinental co-production between two dance structures: Dança em Diálogos (DD) from Portugal and Dance NOW! Miami (DNM) from the USA. This collaboration happened through the mediation and support of the Arte Institute. ANUSIM was the piece created by the resident choreographers (Fernando Duarte and Diego Salterini) of both companies and integrating a program premiered in the 3rd edition of the RHI Initiative, organized by the Arte Institute.

Due to its fragmented composition in small parts, Anusim is a piece that can be presented by both structures separately, with each company being able to present choreographic excerpts of its own authorship. As an emblematic piece representative of this collaboration, ANUSIM is the denominator piece of this program, and the duet and trio created by Fernando Duarte for the ballet will be presented.

The program also includes other pieces from the repertoire of Dança em Diálogos by Fernando Duarte, namely the vibrant duet Divalvi, the video dance projection Tríade (Munhá/Duarte) and the duet version of the piece Tudo Quanto Vi – Um poema coreográfico para Sophia, a ballet created in 2019 as a tribute to the poet Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen on the occasion of her centenary celebration.

Production ||
| Arte Institute
| Dança em Diálogos

Partners ||
| Pestana – Hotel Group
| Ministério da Cultura e das Indústrias Criativas / República de Cabo Verde
| Fundação da Cultura Ildo Lobo
| Auditório Nacional Jorge Barbosa

Support: República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes