Adventure in Portugal: Music, Culture and Vineyards Tour

Adventure in Portugal: Music, Culture and Vineyards Tour

Center for Music Connections in partnership with Arte Institute present “Adventure in Portugal: Music, Culture and Vineyards Tour”.

June 4-12 and October 1-9, 2016

The Center for Music Connections will transport you to a Portugal that visitors seldom see!

This unique tour is designed by CMC members, a diverse group of professionals who share your passion for music as a source of beauty, human understanding and economic development.

CMC invites you to join us for this adventure into the heart of Portuguese culture, as we interact with creative artists of the region. Opportunities abound for conversations with musicians, singers, luthiers, ethnomusicologists and oenologists through concerts, informal gatherings and vineyard visits planned just for you.

v  Explore Portuguese music and culture, intertwined and evolving over time.

v  Experience Portugal’s charm and its people.

v  Enjoy intimate musical experiences, featuring personal interactions with musicians and other creative artists.

v   Tour world-class vineyards to savor their finest wines.

v   Travel the countryside tracing historical roots from the reign of the Moors, through the eras of the Knights Templar, Troubadours and the Age of Discoveries, from dictatorship to democracy.

v   View breathtaking coastal landscapes and ancient castles.

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The CMC, a non-profit association incorporated in Portugal in 2012, has an international mission to nurture cross-cultural understanding through music performances and music tourism.