ABSOLUTION | A new dark comedy

ABSOLUTION | A new dark comedy

Arte institute suggests the play “Absolution” with the portuguese actor Pedro Carmo.

ABSOLUTION | A new dark comedy
by Christopher B. Latro
Directed by Anna Bamberger

Performances Begin December 1
at St. Luke’s Theatre

Mon | Tue | Wed || 8 PM
Sat || 2 PM

About the Show
The story of two bankers, their lovers, and the things they love the most: money, power, and satisfaction. As their fast-paced games unfold, a thrilling spiral of ambition, love and betrayal unravels. 
The cast of “Absolution” features Becca Ballenger (“The Hero”), Pedro Carmo (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” Bway), Katrina Ferguson (“Family Running for Mr. Whippy”) and Ethan Saks (“The History Boys”). Design team is: Lauren Mills (set design), Michael Alan Stein (costume design), Jamie Roderick (lighting design), and Samuel Godin (sound design).

Pedro Carmo (Angelo)
Is an actor from Lisbon, Portugal. He has performed plays from Shakespeare, Racine, Brecht to Paula Vogel, J.P.Shanley or Jenny Schwartz. Some of his feature films have been selected to the Cannes Film Festival (“Misteries of Lisbon” by Raul Rouiz) and the Toronto Film Festival (“The Other Side of Ressurection” by Joaquim Sapinho). In NYC where he has been living for the past four years he continued is accomplished career with projects on Broadway (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” directed by Sean Mathias), TV (Pan Am; One Life to Live) and Film (“The Dry Rain” – NYC Indie Film Fest).

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