3 x Beckett = …

3 x Beckett = …

3 x Beckett = … is the newest production from Propositário Azul – Associação Artística (Artistic Association).

Fate brought 3 actors together who share a like vision that is not unique among all artists. The vision is as common as that of Aeschylus when he had his first chorus stand in the Theatre of Dionysus to tell a story. A story simply told. The 3 actors we spoke of have that same timeless vision. But, unlike Aeschylus, who kept his work in his home town, we three want to venture into the world and share our story with all people in the world.
Most importantly, we share a simple love of Samuel Beckett’ clear, sharp language and precision of imagery. Our 3 plays, COME AND GO, FOOTFALLS and NOT I embody our vision of direct presentation.

The performances take place at Instituto Cervantes in New York on 10,
11 and 12 July 2012, at 7 pm. The performances are integrally in English.

This production will open in New York City, then Lisbon and later Barcelona. With actors and words as facilitators, we will be able to perform worldwide. We will also be able to use actresses in any country who share our vision in productions wherever we go.

For the opening we’ll have actresses from 3 different nationalities: Canadian (invited actress), Portuguese and Spanish.

To make this project possible we have the support of 3 organizations: Propositário Azul – Associação Cultural, Arte Institute and the Instituto Cervantes in New York.  They’re a great help on providing us space to rehearse and present 3 x Beckett = … as well promoting it.

Artistic and Technical Staff
Short plays by Samuel Beckett
Director : Jim Boerlin
Actors :Maria Fontanals, Sónia Neves and Renée Yakemchuck
 Hair stylist: Luísa Vieira
Costumes: Katherine Siracusa
Set Designer: Giovan Villari
Lightning Designer: Bill Agosto