“The Infamy”

“The Infamy”

Arte Institute suggests “The Infamy” by Inês Lampreia.

Human condition naked in The Infamy

A parable about human behavior, community life and the tension that arises between individual choice and collective standard.

On the 27th November at the Monumental Gallery, Lisbon, by 21h, and December 6, at the Municipal Library Manuel da Fonseca in Santiago do Cacém, 16h, are held two book launches of The Infamy, by Inês Lampreia.

This is a novella that explores a critical view of human relationships, the infamous and intolerant behavior of people and communities towards their peers.

The plot takes place somewhere not identified, being inspired by a valley which the author visited in 2012 in the center of the country.

The publisher took the detail of the place physically to create a QR CODE incorporated into the book. This enables readers to be aware and identify through coordinates where did the idea of The Infamy came from. The book also includes Claudia Almeida illustrations.

Inês Lampreia was awarded by the Casa do Alentejo, with the short story Cinco Dedos de Cortiça in 2011 and published in the Luso-Brazilian anthology called Só Agora vejo Crescer em Mim as mãos de meu pai (Pasárgada Editions, 2010). Her writings can be find in literary magazines.

A small community living in a mountain top, a single judge at the foot of the valley and a wild woman are the basic elements of Thee Infamy, by Inês Lampreia. The story takes us through intense characters and images to a psychological and emotional universe seemingly simple that soon submerge us in the densest and disturbing failures, events and constraints of human action.

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