The Estonyans

The Estonyans

Arte Institute suggests a Indiegogo campaign for “The Estonyans”, an uplifting story about Loneliness, Dreams, Love & the Weather. A Dramatic Comedy set in New York.

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The search for happiness connects 3 lonely lives!

Peter, Mary, Fred, Carol and Alice. This is a story about 5 people in crisis with the modern world. One thing they all know. They’re not happy. Something is missing but they don’t know what it is. They all live in New York, the city of inspiration, where everything is possible, but tough and challenging. They all have the ambition to to be amazing, do awesome things, but something is missing in their lives. They need to feel something new, feel again what is to do something for the first time. First kiss, a first emotion, see and experience new things. But they feel stuck, like a fish in an aquarium. In their search for happiness their lives connect and something magical comes out of that.

In a rollercoaster of emotions we’ll go deep into their lives, we’ll laugh together, we’ll suffer together, but there is always the promise of hope, and that if you keep trying, don’t give up, things we’ll get better.

While they search for the meaning of their lives, they dream about an imaginary place, where happiness is possible, here in New York.


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