Sara Serpa Concert

Sara Serpa Concert

Date: October 13
Venue: Cornelia St Cafe
29 Cornelia St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 989-9319
(Reservations Highly Recommended)

Mobile (Inner Circle) shows just how far vocalist-composer Sara Serpa has traveled as an artist in the few short years since she arrived in New York.

After coming to the world’s attention as a member of Greg Osby’s group in 2008 and further establishing her credentials in duet with pianist Ran Blake on last year’s Camera Obscura, Serpa now sets off firmly on her own journey with a ravishing new release as the leader of a quintet featuring guitarist André Matos, keyboardist Kris Davis, bassist Ben Street, and drummer Ted Poor.

Inspired by the literature of travel and self-discovery, the far ranging album brilliantly showcases her remarkable abilities as an interpreter of lyrics, an improviser, an ensemble member, and composer. The versatility and originality that led All About Jazz to call her “the freshest vocalist on the scene at the moment” has never been more in evidence.

“Ms. Serpa, a savvy and technically nimble young jazz singer, wrote all but one of the mercurial themes on “Mobile,” inspired by a range of literary sources: Steinbeck, Herodotus, Naipaul. Her ensemble, featuring Kris Davis on piano and Andre Matos on guitar, advances her cause with sleek authority.” New York Times

“Mobile” moves the listener in many directions, whether it’s the fine keyboard work of Kris Davis, Andre Matos strong guitar playing, or the active and reactive rhythm section of Ted Poor and Ben Street. Sara Serpa’s vision for the project is impressive – the creativity of her vocal work is yet another reason for one to explore this music time and again.” Step Tempest (USA)

Sara Serpa’s commitment to this special and difficult project and her pure voice without vibrato works wonders – and like the companions of Ulysses it would be difficult not surrender to it. The chosen crew is superbly fierce, playing attuned, while managing to come up four different and original speeches that fit like a lightweight luxury puzzle. It is up to listeners to disassemble and re-assemble it at your leisure, in order to appreciate all its subtleties.” Jazzman, France

“(…) sparkling ideas and interpretations provide exciting colors and a compelling atmosphere, mixing influences from the land of the fado with jazz. You can live to be carried away” .Jazzpoes, Belgium

“Mobile is surprising and beautiful. Understanding Serpa’s music and idiosyncrasies requires some time and patience. Whoever is willing to do it, will discover a great new talent who might make a real break through.” Goddeau, Belgium

“(…)this is a four star, progressive jazz vocal date. ” Midwest Records, US

” Serpa’s voice is ubiquitous. The listening experience involved is indeed something like following the movements of a sculptured, constructed mobile suspended from some sequestered ceiling” Jazz Inside Magazine, US

” Serpa creates a brave new world, mysterious and nostalgic, where her clear and personal sound resides. We discover something  different from anything we have heard before”. Ypsilon, Público, Portugal

“She is cool all over, from concept to execution”–Ben Rattlif, New York Times