Sara Serpa & André Matos in Europe

Sara Serpa & André Matos in Europe

The Arte Institute presents “Sara Serpa & André Matos” concerts in Europe.

March 20 – UnTubo, Siena
March 21 – Agus Collective, Roma
March 24 – Bergamo Jazz Festival
March 24 – Corte Dei Miracolo, Milano
March 27 – Workshop at Universidade Lusíada, Lisbon
March 28 – Solilóquios, Porto
March 29 –  Villa Roma, Sintra

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About the artists |

Born in Lisboa, Portugal and now based in New York City, Sara Serpa is a vocalist, composer and bandleader exploring jazz and contemporary music. Since moving to the city, Serpa has been involved in numerous projects with celebrated musicians such as Greg Osby, Danilo Perez, Ran Blake, and John Zorn to name a few. Besides her duo with Portuguese guitarist André Matos, with whom she released “Primavera” in 2014, she has a collaborative duo with the noir-pianist Ran Blake (together, they have 3 albums, the latest being Kitano Noir (2015)), sings with John Zorn’s vocal project Mycale, and leads her own vocal ensemble, City Fragments. For the past two years, Sara has been included on the Downbeat Critics Poll list of Rising Star Vocalist (2014 and 2015).

The combination of the voice and guitar of SARA SERPA & ANDRÉ MATOS is MAGIC, DAZZLING and CALM. The Portuguese native and New York based artists work together since 2005. They achieved to create a UNIQUE SONIC WORLD, drawing upon pure and contemplative sounds through a personal approach to melody and poetry. Their musical identity reveals both their Portuguese culture as well as a certain allure inspired by the creative artistic environment of New York. Serpa and Matos have been performing their music in countries like Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, and of course, the United States.