4-14th October 2012
Galleria della Molinella
Voltone della Molinella, 2
48018 Faenza (RA)

Parallel screening:
4 October, h 21.30 / 6 and 13 October, h 16
Cinema Sarti, Via Scaletta 10 – Faenza

Artist Daniel Barroca participates at “Rxy” show at Galleria della Molinella, Italy.

“I was interested in the idea of being genetically connected to someone but being very different.

There is something of me, literally, in all those people. We are connected, but we are each very different”. G. Wearing


Daniel Barroca
Anna Biagetti
Simon Fujiwara
Laure Prouvost
Gillian Wearing

Parallel Screening
Passing Through / Torn Formations
by Philip Hoffman

CURATED BY Anna Babini