Residency Unlimited Event: Romance, a performance /screening and publication launch by Andrea Bianconi

Tuesday Oct. 23rd, 2012
in presence of cura.books for the launch of the artists’ book ROMANCE by Andrea Bianconi

Location: Residency Unlimited
360 Court Street (green door),
Brooklyn, NY 11231
directions here

Andrea Bianconi will present his latest project ROMANCE defined by the unicity of 3 overlapping components: the artist’s book ROMANCE (cura.books, a performance by Bianconi and an animation film.

ROMANCE is a blend of construction and deconstruction, closing and opening, intimacy and extroversion — an endless chain of associations.

ROMANCE is an artist’s book published by cura.books, that illustrates a segment of Bianconi’s stream of consciousness in which each page incorporates several images that reveal a representation of the artist’s thoughts as they appear in the mind. The text is traversed by an unreachable flow of meaning.There is a continuous relationship between e ach word, thus each image is connected to the next. There is no beginning nor end, but rather a circular narrative indicating a discourse-course that is crossed by an endless chain of associations, void, surplus, lapsus.  In the first page Bianconi writes ” I would run away but there is the reality”.

ROMANCE is an animation film alluding to Italo Calvino’s ‘mental cinema’ and a quest for ” traces of something that may not ever exist”. This video was produced with the support of RU.

ROMANCE is a performance.The artist is still and motionless, wearing a white paper cut mask that outlines his face. The video is projected onto the mask. “The Brain’s Mental Cinema” writes Calvino in “Lezioni Americane” is always at work in each one of us, and it always has been, even before the invention of the cinema. Nor does it ever stop projecting images before our mind’s eyes”

About the publication ROMANCE by Andrea Bianconi
Dimension (Width x Height): 120 x 170 mm
Black and White
Pages: 96
Edition of 500 copies
Published in September 2012 during Bianconi’s residency with RU.