RHI Stage – Short film: Never Present

RHI Stage – Short film: Never Present

28 June 2020, 10:00pm
Arte Institute and RHI Initiative present the short film “Never Present” by Patrícia Andrade at RHI Stage. 

Never Present is a non-narrative performance of a woman who moves in two overlapping spaces: her mind and her home. I resorted to the notion of state of the body, a paradoxical form of immobility (Philippe Guisgand) as a direction for the development of movement. The proposal of organicity for the construction of the work and the search for a mixture of technique and spontaneity make cinematic improvisation the methodology that suited its protagonism.

Teresa Simas, dancer and choreographer, created the movement in an improvisation for the camera. Pedro Carneiro, a solo classical percussionistt, conductor and composer, created the sound. The work includes excerpts from poems by Alberto Caeiro, heteronym of the poet Fernando Pessoa, questioning “what is the present?”.

Find out more about the film director, Patrícia Andrade.

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