RHI Stage – Quarantine Poetry

RHI Stage – Quarantine Poetry

26 May 2020, 9:00pm

Arte Institute and RHI Initiative present “Quarantine Poetry” by Rolando Galhardas and Paulo Roque at RHI Stage. 

We are quarantined, but we are isolated before we isolate ourselves. Before us, poetry has been ill. 

The Quarentine Poetry is a series of satirical and humorous videos that deal with subjects given by pop Portuguese music, as well as poetry. Our 7 videos are treated or referenced to songs from Toy, Wet Bed Gang, Quim Barreiros, Lartiste feat Carolina and Mónica Sintra. With what purpose? To awaken critical thinking, provoke, mock. Or only to be the reaason of a smile in this dark period in which we all live. Poetry is quarantined, and we are with it.

Creation | Paulo Roque
Video Direction / Editing | Rolando Galhardas

Find out more about Rolando Galhardas.

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