RHI Stage – Portrait2: Devour

RHI Stage – Portrait2: Devour

15 June 2020, 10:00pm

Arte Institute and RHI Initiative present Portrait2: Devour at RHI Stage

We build our world up, brick by brick, only to stand and watch it fall around us, a perverse sense of satisfaction overcoming us as we observe our beautiful life crash down in pieces. What is it about humans that creates this desire to watch the world burn, to knock down the house of cards, to kick the sandcastle. Why do we revel in our own demise? 

Devour is a collaborative work between Untamed Productions(Belgium) and KNOT Kollektiv (The Netherlands) exploring the human lust for destruction. Featuring Ali Clarke and Ricardo Ambrózio the duet examines the concept of thanatos, or the death drive, a term used to describe our natural human instinct which drives us constantly toward destruction. 

The duo looks closely at this death drive through raw and powerful images carved out in the bodies of the performers. Examining the tendency for self-destruction, or the desire to consume those in our paths the duo tears apart the image of perfection which surrounds humans in modern society where this rage and drive to destroy is repressed. Is destruction a part of human nature? Is it as much an instinct as survival?

Find out more about the artists, Ricardo AmbrózioAli Clarkeand Arjan Hendrickk.

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