RHI Stage – Magna Terra Virtual

RHI Stage – Magna Terra Virtual

19 May 2020, 9PM

Arte Institute and RHI Initiative present the performance “Magna Terra Virtual” by João Cágado at RHI Stage

The performance has a popular Portuguese inspiration, with special influence from
Alentejo’s tradition. It incorporates sound elements of this tradition, creating landscapes
and image textures alluding to Alentejo, its rurality, in which the stories told by
grandparents from an early age fascinate and populate the collective imagination.
Seeds, herds, crops, work and love are part of these stories, and seasons, four natural
elements, people and customs, refer to the gone days of the plain, beautiful and rugged.
All of this is materialized in today’s reality, from an urban and more current point of
view, and appears in the lyric of these songs, representing the origins of their creators.

Download the RHI Think application, available at playstore and applestore, to watch the show and to value the artists’ work by paying what you can as a ticket for these free shows. The shows are free but the work of the artists shouldn’t be. Value it!

The show will also be transmited here on our platform, and on Arte Institute and RHI Think facebook pages.

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