‘Push it Online’ by Sublime Dance Company | Funchal

Push it Online in Funchal

‘Push it Online’ by Sublime Dance Company | Funchal

Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias

Avenida Arriaga, 9000-060 Funchal

December 3rd, 2022

9.00 PM


This piece is a reflection on our digital presence in today’s world and how this presence impacts our identity. What responsibility entails creating this presence and what is the role of the body in the digital world. What is the role of the movement?


‘Push it Online’ investigates the search for meaning that haunts the human being. One meaning, a purpose, a goal – what binds us to this world that is constantly on? What kind of links? Will our identity be as volatile as a status in an online profile? What need is this to define ourselves in the eyes of a world in constant definition? A world that does not stop.


We live in a reality that transcends the data stored in the same reality. We live in the moment of diving, but we also live the photo, the video, the comment, sharing, opinions, of the dive. Diving wets our body and then floods our minds. A river of dice that doesn’t stop flowing, dice that combine to urge us to be a certain way, to think a certain way and to accept ourselves according to what is actually accepted online.


The truth matters less and the novelty matters more. What risks do we take in set goals about fleeting things, things that don’t stick, that easily they lose their meaning, they change course from one day to the next, from one second to the other. Are we needed as individuals? Or will we soon be expendable? One body, a relic, less efficient, more erroneous than a small computer, more likely to break, more emotional, less confident, a body! Just a body.

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