Puppet Show ‘Teatro Dom Roberto’ by S.A. Marionetas | São Tomé

Puppet Show ‘Teatro Dom Roberto’ by S.A. Marionetas | São Tomé

Jardim das Flores

November 11st, 2022 - 10.00 AM

Centro Cultural Português

Av. da Independência, São Tomé

November 12nd, 2022 - 10.30 AM


‘The Dom Roberto’ Theater certainly represents one of the oldest traditions of the performing arts, not only in its Portuguese and European aspects, but also in the popular heroes of the East. In fact, the origin of this popular art form of representation goes back, in the European tradition to the 16th century Italian Commedia dell ‘Arte and it does not seem unlikely that the Eastern traditions have had any influence on the evolution of this traditional type of representation.


José Gil (S.A.Marionetas), having had the privilege of direct contact with Mestre António Dias, one of the last popular Portuguese puppeteers, recreated, based on his testimony, two pieces – ‘O Barbeiro’ and ‘A Tourada’. More recently, and looking to preserve this traditional art form, the company has recovered three more pieces from the Robertos Theater repertoire – ‘A Rosa e os 3 Namorados’ and ‘O Castelo dos Fantasmas’ and Saloio de Alcobaça’.


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