Portugal in SoHo

Portugal in SoHo

Arte Institute, with sponsorhip of CGD – Caixa Geral de Depósitos and FLAD – Luso-American Development Foundation presents “Portugal in SoHo” in NYC, June 5 and 6.

“Portugal in Soho” invites us to remember the Soho of the past, when Portuguese people arrived in this area searching for a new life in America.

Arte Institute wants to recreate the landmarks of that community with an unforgettable journey through time. In SoHo Square on 6 Av. from 3 pm to 6 pm we will recreate activities and traditions from the first emigrants. There will also be several artistic performances – (Music – Sofia Ribeiro, Filipe Freitas; Performance ÅTLÅNTICO – Janis Dellarte e Rezm Orah).

We will reinvent one of the old portuguese clubs – “O Piolho” (The Louse).  On June 6 from 3 pm to 6 pm, you can learn more about Portuguese people in Soho with the screening of part of the documentary “Portuguese people from Soho” – a story that has changed geography. Simultaneously you will have the opportunity to find out the contemporary Portugal – its writers, gastronomy, and wines. 

On June 5 Arte Institute will open this event with “Amália, Fado and Further” a concert by the piano player, Júlio Resende at Tribecas Cinemas at 7:45 pm.


SoHo Square
6th Avenue (between Broome St and Spring St)

Come and get to know Portugal and the Portuguese people from Soho!

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