Portugal in SoHo | Moçoilas Concert

Portugal in SoHo | Moçoilas Concert

The Arte Institute and the RHI Initiative are pleased to present “Moçoilas” concert for the Portugal in SoHo online show, on December 22, 6 pm (EST).

Due to worldwide restrictions, this year Arte Institute was not able to present the Portugal in SoHo event live. Moçoilas will be part of next year´s event but before that we will present this online show to celebrate the SoHo event in 2020.

Watch the show on RHI Stage!

About the Concert |

Aahhh! Why not? sounds from a different Algarve 25 years!!! 25 years of Moçoilas. We want to continue to recover Algarve’s singing hidden in time, as a mission … Like caring for the days … The tidying of the world… Aahhh! Why not? RHI-Stage is large and great is the “Serra” with sounds yet to be unraveled. To all of you who feel the call of the root, we will bring the music that we are.

Find out more about Moçoilas.

You can also watch the show on Arte Institute and RHI Think facebook pages.

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