portugal: artistic residency


General parameters

Residents create and develop their work through Portugal: Artistic Residency. 

Residents are given individual spaces, such as lighthouses, at locations in the entire country, to live and freely focus on their work and projects. The work of residency artists will be shared at Portugal: Artistic Residency with the community through contacts with curators, other artists and critics. The residency projects will be shown in an exhibition to which curators, critics, collectors and other artists will be invited.

Residents are chosen based upon a competitive portfolio submission. Applications are reviewed by a jury of arts professionals.

Residency Calendar

Each residency varies in length according to artists’ and project needs and generally lasts from one to six moths. Residencies are scheduled by mutual agreement between accepted Artists-in-Residence and the Portugal: Artistic Residency Program Director.


Eligible for Portugal: Artistic Residency are artists with works-in-progress or with entirely new projects in the following artistic areas: visual art, photography, performance and theater, film- and film making, sound design, painting, literature, dramaturgy and dance.

Selection process

A selection jury of arts professionals elected by Portugal Artistic Residency will make all admissions decisions; those decisions will be final. The selection process will take into consideration the originality and coherence of the project proposal, the quality of their creative work, project diversity and career direction.

Residency details - Obligations

Applicants are responsible for their own production and living expenses during the term of the residency, including food, travel to and from Portugal: Artistic Residency, art materials and supplies, equipment rentals and studio fees. Applicants do need to have proof of full insurance coverage. Applicants are responsible for set-up of any approved exhibition.

Residency details - Offers

Portugal: Artistic Residency provides a space for the resident to live and work (might include kitchen), access to research material, if available in space where residency takes place. Portugal: Artistic Residency will offer signed letters of support for outside funding, as initiated by the artist, and can offer advice for any potential funders for assistance. During the residency, Portugal: Artistic Residency offers meetings with curators and interaction with the artistic community. The residency projects will be promoted in Portugal and on the Arte Institute website, and will be shown in an exhibition to which curators, critics, collectors and other artists will be invited.


For questions regarding the Portugal: Artistic Residency, contact Arte Institute at residency@arteinstitute.org.