We have the pleasure to exhibit ABRAKADABRA by Nuno Moreira.

Press Release


“Nuno Moreira is more well known as a photographer and art director however he also makes wonderful collages, sophisticated images that are rooted in a surreal aesthetic and draw from his love of cinema, art and graphic design.


In many ways these images represent an opposite, are a deliberate escape from the camera, the computer screen, in an effort to explore different ways of thinking; of being physical, using a scissors and glue, retaining a tactile relationship with the world. They are a divergence, a deviation, a spin out of a controlled design environment into an automatic subconscious that instinctually feels its way through the visual stimula of the contemporary world; advertisements, books, magazines.Moreira brings years of design practice to these collages. He understands the fundamentals of form and composition and how images work in juxtaposition to each other. Has a vast visual resource in his head to draw from, these seemingly arbitrary connections the product of a mind that’s been mining the visual world for years. And while his pictures are humorous, quirky and light hearted they do occasionally provoke, delve into contempo rary social issues such as sex, religion, gender inequality and sexual exploitation.” Moray Mair – for Mutantspace (Apri 2014) 


Nuno Moreira is an independent visual artist working in the realm of graphic design, photography and collage.

Born in 1982 (Lisbon), Nuno studied audiovisuals and multimedia communication but always worked as photographer, educator and designer, being most importantly a self-taught image-maker. 

Currently living in Tokyo and working independently since 2007 through his own studio NM DESIGN, which specializes in art direction for book covers, photography, music design and branding, his side projects include collage pieces under the banner of ABRAKADABRA and numerous series of photography projects/installations, such as the recent published book STATE OF MIND.

As a multidisciplinary artist Nuno has exhibited solo and in group shows since 2006 in galleries around the world and his led by curiosity to experience different cultures and engage in stimulating new projects.