Matiné Pensante 2015 – “Sentir Madeira”

Matiné Pensante 2015 – “Sentir Madeira”

Arte Institute suggests Matiné Pensante 2015 – “Sentir Madeira” at Bouche à Oreille, Brussels.

November 14  |  Bouche à Oreille  |  Brussels

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the 3rd Conference Matiné Pensante. After the success of MP2013, we now set sail for the island of Madeira to discover what make this place so special. The objective of this conference is the same as for the previous MP’s: contribute to an open discussion about the future we want to build for Portugal. Ideas, projects and the will to always do better. This year we bring some innovations to the concept. On the programme there will be not only a fantastic group of speakers, but also a dinner celebrating the flavors of Madeira, and an amazing dancing evening. We count on YOU!

All proceeds from this evening will be channeled to charitable causes – the Association from Madeira “Dançando com a Diferença” and a project presented by the association Femmes d’Europe.

For more info, please visit the website!