Mano a Mano concert | DROM, NYC

Mano a Mano concert | DROM, NYC

The Arte Institute is pleased to present a concert by Mano a Mano at the DROM, in New York City, October 14 at 9.30 PM.

Mano a Mano concert
85 Avenue A, New York, NY10009
October 14, 2019 – 9.30 PM (doors open at 9 PM)

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About the band |

Mano a Mano is a band formed by the brothers André and Bruno Santos, two of the most refined Portuguese jazz guitar players. The duo started as a playgroup in their living room, which gradually became more serious along the way. They’ve now made their second album for which they composed and created well-polished musical arrangements, exploring the world of possibilities that two guitars can offer, also adding the Braguinha, a traditional instrument from their hometown of Madeira Island.
In addition to their beautiful musical and personal empathy, Mano a Mano mixes preciseness, groove and humour, making every concert a joyful and pleasant experience for every listener.

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