Luis Gordillo

Luis Gordillo

Luis Gordillo – Pintura Interrogada – Centro de Arte Contemporânea de Bragança
Centro de Arte Contemporânea de Bragança
Opening: 14th January – 3 pm
 Until 30th March 2012

After the recent presentation at Palácio da Galeria, Tavira (Algarve, Portugal) and in Centro Cultural de Cascais (Fundação D. Luís I) it will be shown next 14th January at Centro de Arte Contemporânea Graça Morais in Bragança in a production of Galeria Fernando Santos (Porto), and for the first time in Portugal, the itinerant exhibition Pintura Interrogada, by Luis Gordillo, one of the most relevant a of abstract art in Spain.

Born in Seville, in 1934, Luis Gordillo became an artistic reference of the Spanish pictorial creation of the last decades.
Having assimilated at the course of his studies in Fine Arts in Seville University the new creative languages of the last five decades in a personal manner and mostly influenced by Informalism, Pop Art and New Figuration, Gordillo built his aesthetics in a very personal and unusual way, always accompanied by the ambition to create new discourses also based on his particular interest on psychoanalysis, cinematography and music.
His vast artistic career, marked by a continuous experimentation and search of new techniques, new means of production and new plastic horizons led him to develop universes, narratives and symbolism so rich and complex and an overcoming abstraction where parallel universes coexist in mental cartographies and unusual caleidoscopic images repeatedly representing his constant obsessions and uncertainties.

Luis Gordillo was awarded through his vast career with several prizes and recognitions – of which we underline the Velasquez Award for Plastic Art in 2007 – exhibited in major museums and institutions and his work is present in the most recognized public collections of contemporary art.

For this itinerant exhibition was edited a bilingual catalogue with critic texts by the Portuguese Bernardo Pinto de Almeida and the Spanish David Barro.
After this third  presentation in Portugal, now in Bragança, the exhibition Luis Gordillo – Pintura Interrogada will finish the almost a year itinerance next April in Porto at Galeria Fernando Santos.