JAZZ’aqui – Berlin

JAZZ’aqui – Berlin

Arte Institute sponsors “JAZZ’aqui” by João Hasselberg & Pedro Branco in Berlin, Germany.

Kunstfabrik Schlot
Invalidenstrasse 117- Berlin
November 6 | 7.48pm

JAZZ’aqui project was born from the idea of promoting the Portuguese Jazz beyond borders, through the organization of an itinerant Jazz Festival which will be built each year in a different global geography. At a moment when more and more music and Portuguese musicians, in their plurality, are internationally recognized for their quality, the organization considers the promotion and dissemination, out of doors, of jazz in Portuguese to be an asset for the Portuguese musical and cultural panorama. Together with the festival several other activities have been launched in Portugal and outside to promote the Portuguese Jazz scene.
This night has not only the objective to promote the concert but also will serve as the launching of the program of the JAZZ’aqui Festival that will take place in Kunstfabrik Schlot between 23-25th of March 2017.
For the first event in Berlin, we invited a fresh project from two very talented young musicians from Portugal.

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João Hasselberg and Pedro Branco co-lead a project, where they create a whole new world made by each one’s compositions and musical views.
They work together in order to explore different sounds creating an original voice which is only discovered if one denies any pre made ideas of how music should sound and the creative/interpretation processes should work.
Any musical approach and direction is possible and this is a conscious state of mind that both Hasselberg and Branco have. The duet invites other artists to join them on stage – each group of artists is different in every performance, which makes each concert an even more unique experience.

João Hasselberg | double bass / electric bass
Pedro Branco | guitar

Elina Silova | vocals
Luís Figueiredo | piano
João Lencastre | drums

Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua
Botschaft –  Cultura Portugal
Arte Institute
Caixa Geral de Depósitos
Pestana Hotel Group