Impressions Series

Impressions Series

Arte Institute suggests “Impressions Series” by Isabel Pavão.
Isabel Pavão
Impressions Series

November 8 to December 20
Galeria Fernando Santos
Rua Miguel Bombarda, nº526
4050 – 379 Porto, Portugal 

Artist Statement by Isabel Pavao
Impressions series represents a new phase of my work started in 2013,  integrating in it, as usual, intimations of my past work, enduring patterns of inner experience and conceptual processes as a continuous work in progress  being a reflection on the “act of painting”.

The visual materiality belonging to this series is intimately related in its conceptual process and representations to the the physicality of repetition/overlaping marks to conjure patterns of new images  reworked and reimpressed  showing a interplay of between organic forms, geometric structures and colors.
The naming of Impressions refers to various layers of meanings as well as a working process. There is a display of interpretations of atmospheric/ psychological imprint: I approach the paintings in this series as images/impressions that allude also to particular moods through their shifting complextions, being marks from Memory and Nature.

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