FACTT 20/21 – Improbable Times I

FACTT 20/21 – Improbable Times I

The Arte Institute and the RHI Initiative, in partnership with Cultivamos Cultura, have the pleasure to present the FACTT 2021 – Improbable Times.The festival opens on January 28, at 8.30 PM (GMT +1), and will be streaming online.
Watch online:
– Arte Institute and RHI_Think Facebook pages
January 28, 2021 – 8.30 PM (GMT +1)


– Introduction
– Performance Toronto: Void * ambience : Latency, with Joel Ong, Michael Palumbo and Kavi
– Performance Mexico “Tercer Cuerpo Sonoro” (Third Sonorous Body), by Arte+Ciência & Bioscénica, Lena Ortega (aka Leena Lee), Minerva Hernández Trejo (SNCA), Eurídice Navarro Villagómez, Vania Fortuna, Roberto R Madrid, Marco Antonio Lara, Ernesto Romero, Emilio Sánchez Galán
– Q&A

The performance series void * ambience experiments with sound and video content that is developed through a focus on the topographies and networks through which these flow. Initiated during the time of COVID and social distancing, this project explores processes of information sharing, real-time performance and network communication protocols that contribute to the sustenance of our digital communities, shared experiences and telematic intimacies.

“El Tercero Cuerpo Sonoro” project is a digital drift that explores different relationships with the environment, nature, humans and non-humans from the formulation of an intersubjective body. Its main search is to generate resonances with and among the others. In these complicated times in which it seems that our existence unfolds in front of the screen, confined to the space of the black mirror, it becomes urgent to challenge the limits and scopes of digital life. We need to rethink the way in which we inhabit the others as well as our own subjectivity.

FACTT 20/21: Trans-disciplinary & Trans-national Festival of Art & Science is exhibited online during 2021 with different events to be announced taking place throughout the year across continents. FACTT is a project spearheaded and promoted by the Arte Institute in conception partnership with Cultivamos Cultura and Ectopia (Portugal), and, for its 20-21version, in curatorial collaboration with InArts Lab@Ionian University – Department of Audio and Visual Arts (Greece), Artscisalon@The Fields Institute and Sensorium@York University (Canada), School of Visual Arts (USA), UNAM, Arte+Ciencia and Bioscénica (Mexico), and Central Academy of Fine Arts (China).

This year we are reshaping FACTT! Come join us for the kick-off of this amazing project!

For more info visit http://factt.arteinstitute.org/