Exhibition “Ruins” by Orlando Azevedo

Exhibition “Ruins” by Orlando Azevedo

The Arte Institute in partnership with the Portuguese Consulate in New Bedford is pleased to present the photography show “Ruins” by Orlando Azevedo, at the Narrows Center for the Arts, in Fall River.
Narrows Center for the Arts
16 Anawan Street
Fall River, MA 02721
May 23 – June 23
Free entrance during gallery hours
The show will open on May 23 at 5.30 PM.
The artist will be present and will present his new book about Azores. 


Although photography is the resurrection of the past and the record of a movement of a moment that no longer repeats the story is only revealed and revealed when there is a legitimate inventory of humanity in its rite of passage.

Ruins are not just remains or leftovers. Much more than the patina of time.

They are stories and memories on walls and walls, textures and surreal landscape.

There is something of rupestre whose signs and symbols establish codes and dialogues in a deep reflection in relation to the act of resistance of the own existence.

The landscape becomes almost like a war field and shroud and the debris reborn shadows. Sculptures and cultures in the legitimate act of the great truth that tears the flesh of the look.

In the case of this essay and work the photograph assumes the incisive taxidermy of aesthetic cuts that define the intention and interest of its author. The cut and the detail. The disturbance where the surreal reborn and screams, yes. 


Abou the artist

Born in 1949 on Terceira Island, Azores / Portugal
Lives in Brazil since 1963. Graduated in Law.
He dedicates himself professionally to documentary photography in special projects, as well as to authoring, in his studio in Curitiba.
Specialized in expeditions and projects of long duration.


Partners ||

Portuguese Consulate in New Bedford
Narrows Center for the Arts 

Sponsors ||

Portugalia Marketplace  

The Castelo Group