Exhibition “De Cá e de Lá”

Exhibition “De Cá e de Lá”


The exhibition De Cá e De Lá takes us on a journey into the universe that guides fishing, through the attentive and sensitive eyes of the photographers, Breno Platais and Josemias Moreira – Brazil, and Martim Meirelles – Portugal.

Curated by Ana Ventura Miranda and Joel Vieira, the photographs by these three photographers show us the strong ties of fishing culture between Brazil and Portugal. Through their lenses, we can see the dry rivers on the skin, the tears in the fisherman’s eyes, the dances of the nets as they are thrown into the water with the intention of fishing, their equipment and boats, the arrivals and departures, the cast nets and the lead weights that take the hook to the bottom to catch fish from here and there.



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