Arte Institute supports Córtex, Sintra Short Film Festival.

Sintra Short Film Festival
* 2013 Edition *
10 – 13 Oct. / Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval

Scheduling the fourth edition of Córtex Festival is above all a demonstration of patience, experience, and a great respect for cinema. Córtex returns with the desire to show you the best of national and international short films. The recognition achieved with the previous editions reinforces the festival’s validity as one of the major film festivals in Portugal. With the main objective to offer the public a vision of emerging cinema, Córtex thus contributed to greater awareness of new directors, giving them the opportunity to show their films to a larger number of people.
This year we created a new synergy that is based on discussion and exchanging of ideas between well-known film professionals and new creative talents, offering the public an active role in the discussion and sharing of opinions.

Espaço Reflexo
Avenida Heliodoro Salgado, nº 41 1º fundo
2710-575 Sintra

P +351 214213188