Clube Turismo – Artspace Mezzanine

Clube Turismo – Artspace Mezzanine

Arte Institute suggests Clube Turismo by Pedro Ramos.

Pedro Ramos
Clube Turismo
Artspace Mezzanine
September 5 – October 4
Opens Friday September 5, 6pm

Dear members,

As you are aware, on the 9th, 10th and 11th of December 2013, a strong ocean swell, with southerly winds, lashed the facilities of our Club, with waves having climbed its protective walls, dragging along hundreds of enormous boulders, that were being used as coastal rockfill for the bathing platform, placing some of them inside the pool. With such force and energy, everything was destroyed and taken away by the fury of the sea. It suffices to say that, the shed where all the equipment was stored – loungers, mattresses, umbrellas, etc. – was completely destroyed, with the water having taken all the equipment that was collected in there.

The balconies, doors, pumps, machines, elevator, changing rooms, pool bar, electrical installations, water and sewage systems, were either torn and destroyed, or are damaged and inoperable. With all of these, the loss is total.

Even though, apparently, the pontoons haven’t suffered great damage, it is worth noting a worrying opening on the protective wall, that, in at least one area, yielded, and as a consequence, an unevenness within the concrete slabs of the bathing platform has been recorded, for which, its total repair is of extreme urgency with high costs depending on the degree of damage of the wall and the need to inject concrete in the yielded pavement area. It is also necessary to proceed with the replacement of the coastal rockfill boulders, repairs with financial costs that are always very high. But this is an intervention to be decided later on.     


Pedro Ramos was born in 1982 in Madeira Island, Portugal. He currently lives and works in Sydney, Australia where he teaches at the University of Technology. Ramos’ recent work has oscillated around notions of insularity, often questioning the possibilities and limitations of the island as both metaphor and physical reality. He has exhibited in Australia, the United States, Europe and the UK and has recently published ‘Ilha’ with the Spring Press, New York, a monograph focused on his study of natural formations, involuntary architecture and utilitarian structures.

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