All Is Sound

All Is Sound

Arte Institute suggests “All Is Sound” a new album by The Fellow Man and We Bless This Mess.

The Fellow Man and We Bless This Mess combine their talent and creativity into a collaborative project entitled ALL IS SOUND – which is not only an album, but also a shared tour with scheduled dates in Portugal and the United Kingdom.
While it is primarily a folk music album, it is also a blend of sounds, reflecting the musical background of each one of the artists, and resulting in a work that is dynamic and full of freshness.


May 13 | Popular Alvalade, Lisboa – c/ Fast Eddie Nelson
May 14 | Pouca Terra, Barreiro
May 14 | Capricho Setubalense, Setúbal – c/ Tio Rex
May 21 | CAVE 45, Porto – After Party R’n’R DJ RODAS Rodas Rodas

United Kingdom

June 9 | Cafe Chula , Camden Town, London
June 10 | The Wheatsheaf, Oxford
June 11 | Calabash of Cultures, Sydenham, London

* all UK shows have an opening act by The Oh Lee Records Folk Collective (Screaming Culture, Ash Lewis Music, Dirt Miles and Danilo Rodrigues)

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