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Capicua | Concerto de Água e Sal

Arte Institute suggests "Concerto de Água e Sal" at Teatro Municipal São Luiz. 

Capicua | Concerto de Água e Sal
with Capicua and Pedro Geraldes
Picture / drawing in real time by João Alexandrino aka JAS 

Teatro Municipal São Luiz | winter Garden
15 to 20 December
Tuesday to Sunday 7 PM

An original show of spoken word with texts by several Portuguese authors, selected and adapted by Capicua to be recited over a musical background written by Pedro Geraldes.
The concert’s theme revolves around water in our everyday life; on the presence of the water element, in all its different dimensions (sea, river, rain, springs or mist), in the life of individuals and collective spaces.
The musical background relies on soundscapes, recorded in an urban environment (mainly in Lisbon) and other spaces where all the different sounds of water are predominant; these recordings will be turned into music to provide the backdrop for the recitation.

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