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"MUSCARIUM #1" - Performing Arts Festival

Arte Institute suggests "MUSCARIUM #1" - Performing Arts Festival in Sintra, by teatromosca.

Performing Arts Festival in Sintra, Portugal
16th to 19th and 24th to 27th September 2015
  - Auditório António Silva, Cacém
  - Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal

In 2015 teatromosca celebrates its 15th anniversary. For the occasion the company has decided to organize a performing arts festival, one that opens itself up as a space for multiple artistic sensibilities and dramaturgical contents giving rise to a dialogue among artists and audiences. Its aim is clear – to lay the foundations of a vast theatre landscape starting in Sintra, but aspiring to have a national reach. The program will feature emerging artists and ensembles with which teatromosca has been collaborating. The festivals’ program should be able to stimulate a new wave of spectators and of critical opinion.
8 performances will be presented in the course of two weeks by 7 national companies and 1 international. Teatromosca brings ‘Moby-Dick’, premiered in December 2013, back to Sintra, after a long national tour. ‘Moby Dick’ is about to sail to the USA, where it will be presented in New York and in New Bedford in early October.
Alongside the performances, there will be other activities running. The sessions ÀS MOSCAS will be a privileged opportunity for artists and ensembles to meet each other, and at the same time, for audiences to get a close encounter with the artists and their working processes. These informal meetings will open up to conversations, debates, work demonstrations, etc. all of them focusing on the subjects and practices involving theatre and the performing arts.