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SNS 2015 | One Single Beat

Arte Institute proudly presents Summer Nights Series with the performance "One Single Beat" by Marta Coutinho and Ruca Rebordão at Union Square Park North Plaza on August 25, 2015 at 8pm.

Union Square Park
August 25 - 8pm

Traditional rhythms and dances of several cultures and countries that the Atlantic Ocean touches and refreshes, are always in our minds.
So we work on their common rhythms and movements, that either seem distant and opposite from one another, either seem a single rain drop, twin movements of one single existence.

Traditional dances celebrate the point where rhythm and body meet and communicate in a unique and particular way. The most primitive forms of movement and dance follow well defined beats, strong rhythms that connect floor, earth, with the body.
This workshop is based on the mixture of traditions that naturally merge on the same way of feeling music and dance. It proposes a journey from Portugal to Brazil, passing by Angola and Cape Verde.

And we all enter in this Atlantic movement tide...

We feel one single beat, one single emotion shared by the cultures bathed by one single Ocean that speaks the same language and dances the same music. Different speeds, same smile. There is always movement inside of us. And our veins feel the tide of one single beat... 

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