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SNS 2015 | Luiz Caracol Trio

Arte Institute proudly presents Summer Nights Series with Luiz Caracol Trio at Union Square Park North Plaza on August 11, 2015 at 8pm.

Union Square Park
August 11 - 8pm

Click here to learn more about Summer Night Series 2015.

Luiz Caracol
is a Portuguese singer, songwriter and guitarist whose music has a strong mix of influences from Portugal, Brazil and Africa. He will perform his album "Devagar" for the first time in the US, collaborating in trio with percussionist Ruca Reboldão and Brazilian viola caipira player Gustavo Roriz. This virtuosic, emotive trio creates a vibrant sound that makes our heart beat fast and puts a smile into our souls. They will be with us at the Summer Nights Series from Arte Institute to show us a bit of their big concert at Joe´s Pub the 10th of August at 9:30PM and talk about their Tour in the US.
All members of this remarkable trio have successful international careers playing with well-know artists such as Sara Tavares, Aline Frazão, Fernanda Abreu, Uxia, Tito Paris, Alejandro Sanz, Rão Kyao, Paulo de Carvalho, António Chainho, Melody Gardot, Ivan Linz, Martinho da Vila, Fafá de Belém or the group Madredeus, among others. "Devagar" was the best selling Album in May and June 2013 in Fnac and the most played Album in Portugal Spotify in August 2013.
The Trio has the very special guest Eleanor Dubinsky, a New York City based singer-songwriter, cellist, guitarist and performance artist. Her music combines melodic, soothing vocals with grooves inspired by Brazilian, Latin American and Cape Verdean traditions. In 2014 Eleanor and Gustavo Roriz toured as a duo throughout Portugal, sparking this growing collaboration with the Luiz Caracol Trio.
Luiz Caracol is unique due to “(...) the subtle music, the consistent and poetical texts, sometimes humorous (...)”; that makes it__impossible to stay indifferent to his music. - __Tropicalia MPB about Luiz Caracol´s concert in S. Paulo, Brazil, June 2015_