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Douro Film Harvest

Arte institute suggests "Douro Film Harvest".

December 4 -14
Dec. 4 - 7 Santa Marta de Penaguião / Sabrosa
Dec. 8 - 14 Oporto

Douro Film Harvest is a unique festival that combines cinema, food and music in a distinctive way by celebrating the Douro Universe as an Iberian connecting identity, which is seen through its people, its river and its heritage. Douro River’s spring is situated in Spain at the Sória province, and its mouth is located in Oporto, Portugal.

DFH is an annual event with AETUR as a strategic partner (a Portuguese tourism entrepreneurs’ association) in the Douro Valley, the first demarcated wine-producing region of the World, which has also been classified as a World Heritage site. Additionally, Oporto was nominated the best European destination of 2014. The territories combine a wide range of contents and events for all the senses through the connection of its premier products: Wine, Food, Culture and Landscapes with the main goal of promoting the destination, both in a national and international perspective.

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