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"Primavera" in Brazil

Arte Institute is pleased to present the concert "Primavera" in Brazil by Sara Serpa and André Matos. 
The concert will take place in Sao Paulo, on November 1, at Centro Cultural Sao Paulo at 8 pm, and will open the NY Portuguese Short Film Festival in Sao Paulo.
The musicians will also perform in Rio de Janeiro at Palacio São Clemente, on November 8, at 8 pm. This concert is supported by the Consulate General of Portugal in Rio de Janeiro, Unicer, Super Bock and Pedras.
"Primavera" is the debut and progeny of a ten year collaboration between singer Sara 
Serpa and guitarist AndreĢ Matos. The duo departs from their usual bare-bones voice-guitar setting while retaining the deep core of their collective musical identity. Twelve originals and two covers develop throughout with subtle but thoughtful multi-layered arrangements. 
While Serpa doubles on Fender Rhodes and piano and Matos plays both guitar and electric bass, the duo is aided by the inventive Leo Genovese (on melodica, piano and percussion), Greg Osby (soprano sax) and Pete Rende (prophet keyboard) to create an open, drum-less music that breathes and lets you breathe. 
Serpa and Matos were born and raised in Portugal, Lisboa and Sintra, respectively, but met and connected in Boston, Massachusetts. They have been playing music together ever since. After completing their formal education at New England Conservatory, the two moved to New York City, where through observing, learning, experimenting and developing together, they produced several releases under their own names. Throughout the years, interacting with some of the most inspiring musicians in the city proved paramount to the development of their musical ideas as a duo. In these endeavors, several fruitful collaborations were born with such luminaries as influential saxophonist Greg Osby and Film Noir pianist Ran Blake. The duo matured over time, and after three sessions in the studio in recent years, 2013 brought the inspiration to finalize their fourth studio adventure. Coincidentally, Primavera, which means “spring”, emerged in tandem with another kind of blossom: the gestation and birth of their first child.