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LAMIPA @ Beijing Design Week

Arte Institute supports LAMIPA project at Beijing Design Week. The event will happen from September 24 to September 30.
LAMIPA is an architectural exchange platform showcasing architectural projects and services from Spain and Portugal. The exhibition brings architecture to visitors using a unique documentary format, with an extensive database of projects collected over a decade. LAMIPA offers the remarkable architectural style that resides within the Spanish and Portuguese cultures. This style emphasizes a special combination of simple forms, neat details, functionality and sustainability. In addition to the exhibition, LAMIPA organizes special talks where architects show their works. These will include renowned architectural firms such as Souto de Moura, Santa-Rita, Burgos & Garrido, CML, Proap, and OAB Carlos Ferrater & Partners, among others.
Designers/Participants: 35 Portuguese architects + 35 Spanish architects. Conferences including renowned architectural firms such as Souto Moura, Santa-Rita, Burgos & Garrido, Projecto Alvenaria - Bruno Silvestre + Alexandre Dias + Luis Spranger, Proap and OAB Carlos Ferrater & Partners among others.
Beijing Design Week is an annual event held since 2011, which helps promoting the cultural development of Beijing and its construction as a “national cultural center” and “world -class city”, so contributing to the Chinese Capital’s application for the UNESCO title of “city of design”, which it earned in 2012. As a platform to present the overall strength of Beijing as a “design capital”, Beijing Design Week further establishes itself as a brand and stands as the only internationally recognized, A-level institution on the mainland to be included in the “global design map”.
Address: The Orange, Taikoo Li Sanlitun South
For more information about the program, please visit LAMIPA´s website.