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António Zambujo

Saturday, February 8, 2014 | 8:30 PM 

Arte Institute supports and suggests "António Zambujo" at Carnegie Hall.

Portugal’s António Zambujo has been a leading voice in the resurrection of male fado singers in a female-dominated genre. Dedicated to expanding the boundaries of the art form, this rising star merges traditional fado with cante alentejano—a North African–influenced male chant from southern Portugal—and Brazilian popular music.

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António Zambujo has been a major voice in the resurrection of male fado singers in a genre dominated by females. Winner of the Amália Rodrigues Foundation prize for Best Male Fado Singer, Zambujo merges traditional fado with cante alentejano (male chant from southern Portugal with North African influences), bossa nova, Brazilian popular music, and jazz.
He was born in 1975 in Beja, located in the Alentejo region of southern Portugal, where he grew up listening to cante alentejano, which has become a strong influence in his music. He began studying the clarinet at the age of eight at the Conservatório Regional do Baixo Alentejo, but from a very young age became entranced with fado. He won a regional fado contest at the age of 16, and then began his professional career when Mário Pacheco, the renowned Portuguese guitarist and composer, invited him to sing in his Clube de Fado in Alfama, Lisbon. Soon afterwards, Zambujo was chosen to take the role of Francisco da Cruz, Amália Rodrigues's first husband, in the musical Amália directed by Filipe La Féria, one of Portugal's foremost stage directors.  Zambujo performed in the musical for four years in Lisbon and then toured with it throughout Portugal, achieving enormous success.
After recording his first album in 2002, O mesmo fado, Zambujo won the prestigious Radio Nova FM prize for Best New Fado Voice-an award previously received by Mariza, Camané, and Mafalda Arnauth. Since then, he has recorded four more albums, available in the US on the World Village label: Por meu cante, Outro Sentido, and Guia (which were named "Top of the World" albums by Songlines); and Quinto, which recently went platinum in Portugal. Zambujo has toured Europe regularly since 2004, and in 2009 toured Brazil twice. He first performed in the US in 2011 and returned in 2012. This concert marks his third appearance in New York City.
In recent years, Zambujo collaborated with the Bulgarian women's choir Angelite, Brazilian musician and composer João Gil (on whose album he performed in 2008), and top Portuguese pop and jazz singers, expanding the horizons of traditional fado while remaining committed to its roots.

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