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NYPSFF in Brasil

The NY Portuguese Short Film Festival in Brazil - III Edition will take place in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and Fortaleza. On November 18 the Festival premieres in Luanda. 
Venues and Schedules 
Sao Paulo - Centro Cultural de São Paulo, November 1 - 6. 
Rio de Janeiro - Instituto Moreira Salles, November 1, 2, 5 and 6, 3 pm
Brasilia - Cine Brasilia, November 12 and 13
Fortaleza - FestFilmes, March 2014
Luanda - Centro Cultural Português de Luanda, November 18 - 22
The NY Portuguese Short Film Festival in Angola is part of the Angola International Film Festival. 
Official Selection 2013
“M” by Joana Bartolomeu
“The Buffalo Kid” by Pedro Marnoto Pereira
 “VIL” by António Pinhão Botelho
“System Failure” (Falha do Sistema) by José Miguel Moreira
"Forever" (Para Sempre) by Pedro Resende
“The Sun Always Rises on the Same Side” (O Sol Nasce Sempre do Mesmo Lado) by Nuno Matos
“Rhoma Acans - Gypsy Eyes” by Leonor Teles
“Entropy” (Entropia) by Renata Ramos
Playday (Dia de Jogo) by Victor Santos
“Here Rests My Home“ (Aqui Jaz A Minha Casa) by Rui Pilão
“The Lamp and the Fan” (O Candeeiro e a Ventoinha) by Filipe Fonseca
“Under” (Sob) by Nuno Prudêncio
Guest Short Film: “The World Falls Apart (And Still People Fall in Love)”
(O Mundo Cai aos Bocados (e ainda assim as pessoas apaixonam-se)) by Henrique Pina and Francisco Baptista
Guest Short Film in Rio de Janeiro: "502" by Miguel Oliveira
Camões - Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua supports the Festival.