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Arte Institute supports Córtex, Sintra Short Film Festival.

Córtex Sintra Short Film Festival * 2012 Edition *
28 Nov. - 2 Dec. 
Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval

Cortex reached it’s third year of life. At this age Cortex begins to develop the basic aspects of responsibility and independence, preparing itself to explore the world around it. Cortex learned that now is the most important phase which marks the formation of Cortex’s personality. It’s an age characterized by the abandonment of a monologue speech to give way for the first words and initiate an external dialogue.

Festivals from three years tend to approach more and more their place, working as an agent for the dissemination and promotion of quality cinema. Cortex wants to be, above all, one more alternative to the flow and proliferation of the market for short films produced in our country, contributing in this way to some effect of distinction and media attention in the work of Portuguese Filmmakers.

Contacts: Espaço Reflexo Avenida Heliodoro Salgado,
nº 41 1º fundo
2710-575 Sintra
P +351 214213188