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Frente e Verso Exhibition

Frente e Verso (Front and Back) Exhibition

The Artist’s Book, in all its forms and shapes, begs for knowledge through the senses and through reason, requiring reflection and the deciphering of the elements at the observer’s disposal, thus revealing an artist beyond words. In truth, a book with these characteristics cannot be subjected to limitations that impede or deteriorate the message, so a symbiotic correlation occurs between the content and what it contains. For the artist, the book integrates more intimate communication than the conventional work of art and allows the spectator a deeper view into the artist’s work.

Held in collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (Portugal), the exhibition Frente e Verso (Front and Back) invites the spectator to contact and handle the Artist’s Books created by artists in a diverse range of media and materials.

The exhibition will be open on the 29th and 30th of November in the “Capela” from 8am to 11pm with the presence of the participating artists.