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One, Noone and One Hundred Thousand

Joana Ricou solo show "One, Noone and One Hundred Thousand" opens on October 10 at the Wix Lounge (10 West 18th Street, 2nd Floor, New York).

This series of oil paintings and mixed media pieces explores a natural state of plurality of the self, investigating the tension between change and sameness, identity and transience.

"I’m interested in the idea that we each are many – and that from
moment to moment, we shift, split, merge, cooperate, compete or ignore
ourselves. My home, my studio and my phone are covered in notes and
reminders, an endless exercise in attempting to connect each moment to
the next, or to the one that comes after that. This work is inspired by
recent research on memory that mirrors this experience. Painting and
transfers parallel the processes of memory making and recall. They work
as lossy filters that selectively and randomly keep and lose
information. They also build on, modify and destroy their source just as
we string our memories or past selves together in a narrative, fill them
with meaning and massage them to fit our mood and circumstance. "

Joana Ricou